Welcome to Bake N' Cake!

Made by: Jacob, Andrew, and David

About Bake N' Cake

We sell Albanian and regular cakes, Albanian coffee and regular Coffee. We have a breakfast menu with all regular breakfast items, with an Albanian version of every one. We use flour, sugar, eggs, and milk to make these yummy treats! We put a twist on traditional cake by using a family recipes.


We need the ingredients flour, eggs, milk, frosting, butter, vanilla, chocolate, fruits, nuts, bacon, bread, cheese, and sprinkles to make the treats. We need a refrigerator for refrigerating are ingredients. We need an oven/stove for cooking breakfast and baking the cakes, cupcakes, etc. Also, we need pans/cookware, for the oven/stove. Lastly, we need a car and a building, to sell the goods.


Our demand is to families and adults going to work. Families will come to get birthday cakes, and to eat family breakfast. Adults going to work, will stop for a cup of coffee, or to have a quick breakfast. We will have a high demand for our service, because many adults drink coffee every morning, and many kids have birthdays every day, and they need birthday cakes.


We have competition, but all of are competition only sells a part of what we have to sell. We also have traditional Albanian dessert, which no other bakery anywhere close to here sells.

How Much Money We Need

We need 6,400 dollars to pay for the building's rent and to pay for the supplies. We will pay back in about 10 days with 200 dollars interest.