Join the Week of Peace!

Government Approved!

New Event Coming Soon!

This new event has been approved by the Government. It's an event that's have high school students all over the World voluntarily wanting to go to school. This even t is called, The Week of Peace. It's an event designed to release testing stress and get students to enjoy a week of school. The beginning of it all is the best part.

Week of Peace

Monday, March 24th, 8am to Friday, March 28th, 5pm

All high schools in the World

Schools all over the world will register the students attending their schools before they are allowed inside. They will then all rally up in the cafeterias. Students will join groups of 20 and each team will have a flagpole with a team name and placed different locations around the school like a Territory of such. Each member will have a paint ball gun and once the bells are sounded, the beginning of this event will commence. The students and schools will have a week before to begin the preparations for this event. From 6:00 a.m on Monday, students will be secured in school and they will be released until 5:00 p.m on Friday. The paint ball competition will last for 1 whole day. After it is over, the students will be able to congregate and spend time getting to know each other a lot more for a whole week. This event is made t get students to relax and be stress free about school.


Food will be handled by the government itself. They will send food trucks all over igh schools to give the students. It's be a Buffet of food not just ordinary school food. It'll be served at any time of the day.