facts and adaptations


A panda's main food source is bamboo. They have an extension on the wrist that is called a 'thumb', which is their sixth 'thumb'. The sixth thumb that makes it easy to grasp.

A normal panda's height and weight

Most male panda's grow to be three ft.(1 meter) tall. They weigh about 220 pounds. A female can be 2.5 ft.( 80 centimeters) tall. They weigh about 180 pounds.

cute and cuddly

Why don't pandas hibernate?

The truth is, pandas don't actually hibernate. It's not that their bodies can take the cold , they actually have relatively little body fat with which to insulate themselves from low temperatures. But, rather, when the weather gets tough, the pandas get going. Instead of burrowing away at the first sign of uncomfortable temperatures, like many bears do, giant pandas simply find a more comfortable place to relax and eat bamboo.


Pandas eat very little meat. What's strange about the panda is that it isn't really very well designed for a plant-based diet. Yet they're nearly entirely herbivorous, subsisting almost exclusively on bamboo.