Japanese Banana Diet

Harlie Pittman 5th period

What is this Diet?

•It is said that this diet really does work because the bananas fill you up faster due to it being high in fiber and it is a very rich fruit.


Causes cavities


Not advised to make a long term diet

What is forbidden? What is limited?

•You’re suppose to only eat fresh bananas for breakfast or brunch with a glass of water, have a normal lunch and dinner and even a snack, no desserts, all done before 8pm and be in bed by midnight.

Why do people choose this diet?

Advertised to be able to eat whatever you want.

Almost a full guarantee that you will lose weight is done right.

Long term issues

There aren't really any long term issues with diet only because it is not permitted to make it a permanent diet.

Other Info!

•This is the latest fad diet to hit the U.S. It’s already created a shortage of the fruit in Japan, where the weight loss craze originated. It was brought up by Japanese pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe for her husband who lost 37 pounds on the plan, which he described as “stress free”.