Marianas Flying Fox

30 November, 2012

Background Information

 Only found on a series of islands near Australia (Guam and the Mariana Islands). On these islands, the bats are seen as a delicacy and are often eaten. It is thought that the consumption of these bats may cause neurological illnesses. Like normal bats, they are nocturnal. They eat herbivores, only eating fruits and flowers.

Threats or Causes of Endangerment

These animals are endangered because people have over hunted them for food. The number of bats eaten is actually considerably smaller than the number of bats killed, because when shot these bats will fly off to where the hunter can’t find them.The continuous loss of habitat and trees also contributes to their endangerment.

Solutions/ Successes/ Possible Courses of Action for Protection

In the 1970’s, the government decided to legally protect the bats. One possible course of action is to stop/ lessen the loss of their habitat.


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