VCR Lesson 9

Abby Kruszka

Fill in the blank with the correct word from Lesson 9.

Her beauty was _______, demanding attention with a look similar to a clown's.
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  • adjective

  1. Attention-getting in a vulgar way; tawdry or tacky.
  2. Insincere; based on pretense in deception.

Word Origin

  • Latin merere to earn/gain

Many words such as merit and meritorious share this origin, but meretricious is used to describe something negatively, while the other words can be used to describe honor or esteem.

  • Later evolved to become meretrix, prostitute and meretricius, relating to prostitutes
  • These words entered in England in the 17th century as meretricious in the 17th century, evolving to describe things that are superficially attractive but have no value.

Explanation of the Word

  • "Fake it until you make it"
  • Pretending to be something you aren't
  • Ex: Wearing fake diamond earrings and pretending they are real
  • May look pretty when you first see it, but has no meaning or value
  • Also can mean "of or relating to a prostitute"
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Choose the incorrect sentence!!!

  1. Claudia and Frieda are not allowed to talk to Miss Marie because she is meretricious.
  2. Although the sofa looked nice from far away, its beauty proved to be meretricious when Kayla realized that it was actually cheap polyester instead of leather.
  3. Real beauty does not demand to be seen, unlike meretricious beauty.
  4. James thought the girl was meretricious because she was beautiful inside and out.
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The incorrect answer is number 4 because if the girl is beautiful on the inside and out, then she is more than just a pretty face, unlike meretricious beauty, which just looks good on the outside but has no value!