April 22, 2021

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MDH released updated COVID-19 Organized Sports Practice and Games Guidance for Youth and Adults this morning.

Updated guidance for MSHSL member schools based on this new information is being prepared and will be shared later today.

Below is a quick summary of the new information that goes into effect today.

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Updated Outdoor Sports Mask/Face Covering Guidance

Masks/face coverings are no longer required for student-athletes in outdoor contests and practices when they are actively engaged in competition and/or practice.

Masks/face coverings are required to be worn when outdoor sports participants are not actively practicing or competing and cannot maintain physical distancing.

Masks/face coverings are still required:

  • For student-athletes when competing or practicing indoors
  • For student-athletes at outdoor contests and practices at any time when they are not actively competing
  • For coaches at all times
  • For officials at all times
  • For spectators at all events-both outdoors and indoors. Guidance for spectators attending events has not changed.
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Testing and Vaccination Recommendations from MDH

With the increase in COVID-19 cases in youth across Minnesota, MDH has released these strong recommendations and will be providing more information to schools:


  • MDH highly recommends COVID-19 testing every two weeks for all students in Minnesota.
  • MDH highly recommends weekly COVID-19 testing for all activity and athletic participants in Minnesota.


  • MDH highly recommends COVID-19 vaccinations for all students ages 16-18.
  • After a close contact, fully vaccinated students will not be required to quarantine if they have no symptoms.

COVID-19 Testing for Minnesota Organized Sports Participants

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