IOnic Spa Shower Head Review

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Did you know that that tap water in your shower is full of toxic substances that gradually harm your skin and hair? Search "toxins in tap water" on any search engine, and you will find several of them. This is the reason many people have moved on from using traditional showerheads to using filtered ionic showerheads.

At a glance, an ionic shower head resembles a typical shower head with colorful beads. However, there is more to it. In this piece, we are going to review the IOnic Spa Showerhead, a filtered shower head that will not only filter way toxins in your shower water but also soften the water. It'll also give you a lot more benefits than you could imagine. Stick with us and read through to discover why this product is worth your money.

What is IOnic Spa Shower Head?

This is a uniquely designed showerhead, prepared with potent bioactive minerals (the beads you see in the showerhead) that will primarily filter the water you get through the showerhead. The minerals in the showerhead have been scientifically proven to lessen or entirely remove the hardness of the water. As we'll see later, hard water comes with a lot of chemical substances that aren't very good for your skin, air, and even an ordinary showerhead.

The bioactive mineral beads in the IOnic Spa Shower Head will also filter away chlorine and several other harmful chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, rust, odor, and pesticides from the shower water. This helps to restore smoother and healthier skin, as well as softer, stronger hair. The showerhead comes with THE Eco-Pure Water Filtration functionality and the Negative Ion Technology, which will purify and soften your shower water, and therefore, help to eliminate dry and flaky-looking skin.

Why Do I Need IOnic Spa Shower Head?

The benefits of having a quality filtered shower head such as this are not immediately obvious, but when you stop and think for a moment, you will find out that you really need this product.

For starters, there are as many disadvantages of using hard water as there are advantages. Here, we are going to stick to the disadvantages that come with using hard water in the shower. This water has many chemical substances like chlorine and hard metals that aren't very good for your skin and hair. Over time, the chemical substances will start making your skin dry and flaky. Your hair becomes more prone to tangling and weak. The IOnic Spa Shower head prevents all these by filtering away the chemical substances so that you shower with purified water.

Again, when the hard shower water evaporates, it often leaves limescale behind. Limescale is the furring you see on the showerhead or water pipes. The furring, an insoluble carbonate, is also not good for your skin and hair. It takes your hair's shine and makes your skin look dry.

Perhaps you have also realized that hard water needs a lot more soap to lather than soft water. The harder the water in your bathroom, the more soap you will be using. Hard water also encourages the proliferation of scum. And as you might already be aware, scum spoils the appearance of your shower or bath, as well as shower curtains. The innovation IOnic Spa Shower head solves all these issues by filtering the water that passes through it. So why shouldn't you get it today?

IOnic Spa Shower Head Rating and Benefits

Rated five stars by many users, we found out that this product is way more than just a showerhead. The product has helped over 200 000 people from across the world to shower safer through the reduction of toxins, bacteria, hard metals, and chlorine. Also, the shower head has been proven to save several gallons of water. It comes with high pressure functionality. We compared IOnic Spa Shower head with another product and found that it has 35% more water pressure.

My shower water happens to be hard, so I used a digital meter to measure the hardness of the water before and after passing through the showerhead. The water became softer after passing through the showerhead.

The IOnic Spa Shower head comes with three settings, so you can easily customize the shower. You can choose to go with Rainfall, Jet Spray, or Massage. I liked the fact that the shower head is transparent so you can see the bioactive stones in the shower head's handle. And unlike many similar products, this shower head is washable, which means better hygiene.

Some of the benefits of using this product include:

  • Eliminates toxic substances in the shower water
  • It softens hard water
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with 35% more water pressure
  • It is washable, therefore, bring with it better hygiene
  • It saves up to 30% of the time you'd spend in the shower with an ordinary showerhead
  • You can customize your showers

IOnic Spa Shower Head Key Features

Bio-Active Mineral Beads

These beads are responsible for filtering the water in your shower so that you receive softer, purified water, free from toxic substances.

Customizable Shower

This product has three different settings that allow you to customize your showers to your preference. You can choose from Rainfall, Jet Spray, and Massage. You can also go with Rainfall plus Massage. I particularly liked Massage.

Removable and Washable

For increased hygiene, the IOnic Spa Shower head is removable and washable. So when you feel like cleaning everything, just take it apart, clean all the parts, and replace it with ease.

35% More Water Pressure

The shower head has been proven to increase your water pressure by 35%. This saves up to 30% of the time you'd use with a standard showerhead. It also saves several gallons of water in the long run.

IOnic Spa Shower Head Reviews

Type and search "IOnic Spa Shower" on any search engine, and you'll find several reviews of the product from satisfied customers. It was hard for us to find any negative reviews. It became apparent to us that this is one of the best ionic shower heads you can find on the market today.

Where to Buy IOnic Spa Shower Head

To get this product, visit the manufacturer's website, and place your order. They give new customers a 50% discount plus free shipping. You can also contact them via 44 20 3808 9234 or send them an email via