Damien Joseph Gilgore Sr.

*Wanted on several warrants including child neglect and non-payment*


DOB: 7/23/1975

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: approx. 190lbs-240lbs(depending on health)

BUILD: Average-muscular(depending on health)

HAIR: Dirty blonde/Lt. brown

EYES: Blue

SKIN: Tan-Tattooed

  • Wanted on several warrants in Atlantic and Camden Counties,including child neglect and non-payment,and owes thousands of dollars in back support.This man is known to frequent Atlantic City and Mays Landing,among other local areas.He is originally from northern NJ(Clementon,Lindenwold areas),so he may also been seen there as well.He is also known to frequent known drug areas,as well as methadone clinics,and NA meetings.
  • He has several tattoos,including large tribal on entire right upper arm,pink moon on left side of neck,an evil face on upper left arm,and several sayings/words on both arms.He sometimes has his ear and nose pierced.

If you see this man,please DO NOT APPROACH! He is an active IV drug user and is known to carry knives.He is also known to become mentally unstable,and has a history of violence and domestic abuse.PLEASE contact your local police department.I can also be reached(or texted)at 609-957-1589 to receive any information you may have.PLEASE SHARE THIS and help to hold this man accountable for his actions,and get him off the streets.THANK YOU!!!