Save the African Elephants

help us save the African elephants

Help save the African Elephants! --cole--

To save the the African elephant you can stop wrecking their habitat and stop killing them for their ivory/tusks. Also you can stop taking their home land for shelter!

African Elephant Description --shaun--

10-13 feet 3-4 meters may have large tusks long trunks that's an extension from the nose and upper lip. Males are called bulls and females are called cows and have larger tusks. Their almost hairless and usually the color of dull, brownish gray modified by the color of local mud, because they enjoy wallowing.


It's hard to understand the elephant population because they live in large ranges so it's hard to keep up.

Habitat --christina--

Forest elephants occur in tropical rain forests.

Why it is endangered or threatened --chrstina--

The African elephant is endangered because they get killed or their tusks to make ivory.

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