7 Principles of the Constitution

Learning the Constitution

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty is where the citizens have all the power over the government. Meaning we can overthrow the government if they do not protect our rights. We can also form a new government.


The citizens can vote for the people that they want to run the government. Meaning we vote for other people to represent us in government.
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Separation of Powers

The Legislative branch makes laws. The Executive branch enforces the laws. The Judical branch determines if it is constitutional or not.
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Checks and Balances

Each branch of government looks over the other. Meaning the branches are like rock, paper, scissors
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Limited Government

The government is limited by the laws of the Constitution. Meaning the Constitution has authority over the government and all its branches.
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Individual Rights

The citizens have protected rights. Meaning the government can not take citizens rights away.
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Power is divided between the federal government and the state government.
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