Hello Jason!

are you going to take steroids ?

affect the body

Anabolic steroids change the messages that the hypothalamus sends to the body, disrupting normal hormone function. Anabolic steroids are artificial or natural compounds to act like testosterone. Human testosterone causes many of the sex characteristics that young boys developed at puberty, such as the enlargement of the sex organs and the growth of facial and body hair. [pg.42-44]

affect the mind

The parts of your brain that influence your moods and involved in learning and memory are called the limbic system, and the Anabolic steroids act in this area. Steroids affect your memory. Whether you are male or female, your body’s testosterone production is controlled by a group of nerve cells at the base of the brain called the hypothalamus. This part of the brain also controls appetites, blood pressure, and moods. Anabolic steroids change the messages that the hypothalamus sends to the body disrupting normal hormone function.[pg.41-42]

extremley addictive

Some recent studies suggest that taking megados’s of Anabolic steroids may lead to addiction, or physical dependence. This means that a person’s body has changed to adapt to the abused drug and cannot function normally without it. Researchers at Yale University have found that long-term steroid users experience many of the characteristics of addiction, including craving for the drug, difficult in quitting, and withdrawal symptoms. Which occur when people who are addicted to a drug try to stop taking the drug. A runner for example, might believe that he cannot race well without taking steroids. And since abusers may lose weight after quitting steroids, they may fear getting smaller or weak, which makes quitting even more difficult. [pg. 44 and 46]