Pennies for Pandas

Endangered means we have time… but extinction is forever.

Why Should You Help?

Because Pandas are dying! And the baby panda formula is very expensive! There is an organization in Colorado , called Pandas International. They give money to Pandas in China, including buying baby Formula. On May 12th, 2008 China had a a terrible earthquake. Lots of pandas were killed. One Giant Panda, Mao Mao, was killed by the collapse of an interior wall. Xiao Xiao, another panda, escaped from his habitat and is still missing. Another Giant Panda was killed when the roads were blocked and was hurt… they could not get him to medical care quickly enough. Another Giant Panda even starved to death because there was no bamboo. This and the deforestation by humans is causing extinction of pandas. This organization needs your help!

What did I do?

I was very interested in Pandas in the first place, but I was worried that they might become extinct. I realized that Pandas bamboo was horrifically coming down because of builders who think, "Hey we could make big money right here." So they ruin their home! I decided to have a panda walkathon at the Shipley School because if people walked around the Big Gym a couple times, 1. that's exercise and 2. it's fun! I made rainbow looms for everyone who came -- the first 15 people got a special bracelet from Pandas International! We ate soft pretzels and played a little football in the end. I raised $150! We had a great time and raised lots of money for the pandas, specifically for formula for baby pandas.

How you Can Help?

From a simple lemonade stand to a whole Panda Party! Here are a couple things that you can do to help... 1. You can purchase something from their website shopping center -- more then 85% goes to pandas. 2. Throw a Panda Party! You can have a Party for Pandas and get a basic kit, Basic Kit + CD and The following above + Pins for each guest that would be coming. If you need more information, visit their website: