Westing Game Project: Theme

By: Louis Banag, Jr.

Theme Statement: Not everything, or everyone is as it seems.

Quote #1:

"Windy Windkloppel took four names, and she knew who the fourth one was!"(Raskin 169)

What It Shows:

In order to remain anonymous, Windy W. took four different names to hide his life from the rest of the world, and continue living as another person without all of the richness and fame. He also took the different names to make the Westing Game harder for the heirs.

Quote #2:

"Mr. Amber, it seems we are not all who we say we are. In other words, who are you?"(Raskin 161)

What It Shows:

In life, you'll need to watch out because you'll never know who is for real, or who is just a thief or a robber waiting for the right moment to just turn around and backstab you.

Quote #3:

"And Angela of course. No one could suspect her"(Raskin)

What It Shows:

Even though Angela looked like a polished glass angel, she was the one who was responsible for the bombings at the coffee shop, Chinese restaurant, and her apartment.

And the Universal Theme Is:

Its not every day that you suspect someone for a dangerous person, but sometimes they do. Usually, the only time that you would suspect something, it would be too late.

1 Hour of Mystery Music - Part 2