Welcome to a new experience!

AIESEC Universidad Catolica

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Mili, Cesar & Tefy

Our dearest newbies (new members), our warmest welcome to your AIESEC Experience :D! And more over, welcome to your soon-to-be new family: AIESEC Universidad Catolica.

We were waiting for you! Thank you for the effort made, and enjoy every minute of this new chapter.

Let's meet the team, virtually for now: The Corporate Sales Team!

Operational CRacker = Corporate Sales Member

  • Karen, Diego, Frank, Tefy, Mili, Cesar, Vale

Strategic CRacker = Corporate Sales Manager

  • From Talent Management: Carlos
  • From Public Relations: Yuly
  • From Marketing: Fati
  • From Finance and Legal: Luis

Fly iGIP, together.

Note: soon you will find out what iGIP means, don't worry.

iGIP Team - AIESEC Universidad Catolica

13 Leadership Experiences

14 Matches

19 Raises