By: Ameris Harris

Why I picked this

Do you want to travel to an amazing country, then I suggest that you go to France. France is one of the most beautiful places to visit because of the sites and the beautiful lights at night. I am doing this country because a part of my step moms family is from France. I don't know exactly what part of France they were born in, but I know that they were from there.

Paris France

My country is the one and only France, one of the most beautiful countries ever. France is the largest nations in Western Europe. The landscape in France ranges from plains to mountains to forests and farmlands. The capital of France is Paris and the population is 66,553,766 people.


In France everyone speaks French, even though many people are from different countries.

The French are very proud of their language. There is even an organization called the Académie française who their purpose is to protect their language. Some of the words in French are:


Good-bye -- Au revoir

Please-- S'il vous plaît

Thank you-- Merci

Yes-- oui

No-- non


Even though the majority of the French's population is Roman Catholic, only a little bit of people practice the religion. Instead, all of the other people participate in all kinds of different religions. For example, 64.2% of people are in the Christian religion, 25.7% don't have a religion, 7.9% are Muslim, and 0.7% for both Jewish, Buddhist, and other

Goverment Money and Industries

In France their currency is called Euro. The major industries that France has is the fashion industry. There are also some more things that France do like producing milk,butter ,cheese and so much more. They also have factories that produce clothing machines electronics and all that other good stuff.

Now for the government, in France the government is like America because the people vote for who they want. But now in France, the head of the state is president François Hollande and the head of the government is prime Minister Manuel Valls and the voting age is 18 or older and both men and women are allowed to vote.

France National Anthem - La Marseillaise (Instrumental)