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January 2022: Self-Care

You are Amazing

We want to take a moment and commend you on the tremendous work you did in 2021.

While we have all hoped for a return to "normal," each of you contine to keep students' learning at the forefront, and you are deserving of so much praise.

But through all of this, have you taken time to care for you? Your family and students need you, so take time and effort to care for you!



Learn to shine bright- the importance of self care for teachers. | Kelly Hopkinson | TEDxNorwichED

Exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out, pulled in many directions...

The following is a contribution from Jessica Gronas, Fairbanks Middle School counselor, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach:

If we aren't careful in the world of education, we may find ourselves feeling those things I listed above. You choose the path of education because you care. You want to make a difference. You are selfless.

With all of those amazing attributes focused on others, we could easily lose ourselves. In our current situation of online education, pressures feel even higher. So, what can you do?

I will be sharing with you 5 healthy tips you can incorporate into your life today:

  1. Breathe. Stress & hard work can lead to tension. Focus on loosening your jaw and take nice, big breaths.
  2. Hydrate. Start your day with 1 glass of water, before coffee or anything else.
  3. Move. Try to get up more, and walk. Get a workout buddy or accountability partner. Hire a personal trainer (I have you covered there :))
  4. Get Outside. Take a walk, read a book on your porch or even just opening your blinds will improve your productivity and mood.
  5. Take Time. Take time with those you love and yourself. Set up FaceTime or Zoom meetings with those you are missing. Also take the time to do something for you, without distraction, that you enjoy.

If we continue taking care of ourselves and focus on what we can control, this difficult time will be a time of growth and most definitely a time to remember. For more tips and support for a healthy lifestyle and to learn more about Healthy Living in 2022 email:


While we are not self-care experts, we can help you with instruction. Please reach out to us if you find yourself needing instructional or curricular help during these complicated times.

Reach out - we are here to help.

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