History Digital Flyer

Olivia Ann Heide

Political Industrialization- Proud

This was an act adopted by congress that let individual indians gain pieces of land.

Economic Industrialization- Shame

Most farmers were badly in debt, and this led to them supporting populism.

Social/ Cultural Industrialization- Proud

Homestead Act incurred western migration, this was an exchange of land for a fee. After time they were able to gain ownership.

Political Immigration- Shame

Political Machines are organizations that provided small services in exchange for votes. This messed with the democratic system.

Economic Immigration- Shame

United States Federal Law, that restricted Chinese labors from immigrating to the United States.

Social/Cultural Immigration- Shame

The old immigrants didn't like the new immigrants because they were poor and illiterate.

Political Urbanization- Proud

Dollar Diplomacy- Taft guaranteed loans. He also made to foreign countries.

Economic Urbanization- Proud

Spanish American War- United States economic interest- Money invested in Cuba and grew American Businesses.

Social/ Cultural Urbanization- Proud

Urbanization effected America in many social ways, such as families grew smaller and the population declined.

Political Progressivism- Shame

Politics were heavily effected by progressivism in this era, especially when it came to religion and the Social Gospel. This was a social and political reform.

Economic Progressivism- Proud

Women suffrage movement including NASAW (The National Women's Party). The 19th Amendment and multiple significant people.

Social/ Cultural Progressivism- Proud

Jim Crow Laws wanted radical sagger-gation.

Politcal Imperialism- Shame

This extended Americans power thought colonization. The use of Military force, and other means which is good.

Economic Imperialism- Proud

Economic Rivalries- Germany was envious of what France and Britain owned in Asia and African. Ethiopia remained independent.

Social/Cultural Imperialism- Shame

The Section Act- Made it illegal to interference with the draft or treat of Versailles, this strongly effect the war!

Political World War I- Shame

Perdirent missions 14 points- Mainly included open treaties, freedom of seas equality in trade, league of nations, and national self determination.

Economic World War I- Proud

Muckrakers were reporters who would write or report about things going on in the war. This brings society and were very biased

Social/Cultural World War I- Proud

Authors wrote about their view of the war. This brought a new and insightful literature, people often didn't care what they wrote they lost water to voice their opinion.