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Spencer Banks

Social media

To ensure that we do not become disconnected with the world and people around us by becoming engulfed in the world of social media, we have to use social media less. People spend way too much time on social media talking about things that don’t matter at all. No one cares what you are eating or where you went that day. Posting your every act on your Facebook profile does not bring you closer to your friends. You are just bragging about every little thing you get done. People need to stay off of Facebook if that’s what they think it is used for. Facebook is for connecting with people who you can’t see every day and keeping up with the major moments in their life.

The addiction that people have to social media is easily managed. When you are hanging out with your friends don’t spend the time on your phone looking at pointless selfies and photos that are all over Instagram and Snapchat. They aren’t going anywhere. You need to spend time with people that you care about while you still can. You can always stare at their profiles but you can’t always stare into their eyes. Things happen in life that cause people to have to move away or heaven forbid pass away. Social media isn’t social. You have to life that moment through your own eyes not the lens of your camera. Most moment are better if they are just a memory between those who were there and not a moment that everyone is “a part of” through a photo. If we do not control this addiction, then we will no longer be social beings. We would all stay home looking at the outside world through the camera of someone who is actually out there experiencing it. People who use social media less tend to have better real world social lives. A friend on Facebook is not a friend who is going to be there for you in real life. A comment on a post can never live up to a hug from a person.

To harness social media and use it to its full potential, we must only use it to complement our social lives and not to let them run it. You shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes each day on social media. Only take pictures of moments that you want to last forever not every single moment. This way your memory won’t be that of you staring at your phone screen. And always remember that every moment doesn’t need to be saved forever. One of the things that make certain moments so special is that they don’t last forever. Each moment is being chased by another. Life moves on. The decision that you have to make is are you going to move with life and experience the next moment. Or be engulfed with one moment and never move on.

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