2015-2016 Lego Robotics

Calling all First Lego Robotics Teams

Dear Wallace & Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School,

We are pleased to announce that First Lego Robotics teams will be back this year! Come choose and solve real world problem while building and programing Lego Robots.

We are in the process of forming teams for this new school year. If you're interested in participating, please return the portion below by Wednesday September 30th, 2015.

XXXXXXXXX Please bring in this portion XXXXXXXXX

Please Complete the following:

First Name:____________________________________ Last Name:________________________

Homeroom teacher:_____________________________________

Have you competed before? __________yes ____________no

Parent Name:_________________________________________________________

As a Parent I am willing to help:__________yes _____________not at this time

Parent contact information:_____________________________________________________________