Fieldston Lower Tinker Lab

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:00am-8:45am, Room 401B

What is Tinker Lab?

Tinker Lab is an opportunity for students to design and build an original creation within the context of a chosen topic. Each session consists of four classes within a two week time period that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each session is open to ten students. This year we will explore four topics: stop motion animation, soft circuits, game design and a design to build challenge. To learn more about each option, read the descriptions below.

We encourage parents to car pool, and we understand that students may arrive a little late. Unfortunately missed sessions can not be rescheduled.


Tinker On!

Fieldston Lower Technology Team

Description of Topics

The "Art" of Code

In this session students will create art pieces or stories that will include code for Ozobots (small robots) to follow. Students will also have a choice to tell a story that will be coded and played out by Dash and Dot. Students will be able to film and photograph their creation and then edit using iPad tools. We will explore the tools, create a story board and work in creative groups. *Note this session is 6 classes

Soft Circuits*

"Soft Circuits" or "Soft Circuitry" is a term often used for circuits that are wearable, flexible and bendable. During this session, students will learn about how a circuit works and the tools used in soft circuitry. Students will have the choice to design and construct a personalized bracelet, bookmark or fine tune a piece of clothing they already own. What will you create?

*If students do not complete their project they will be encouraged to complete it at home.

Game Design*

Games are a timeless form of entertainment, mental challenge and source of bringing people together, from board games, card games to video games. In this session students will explore the elements of game design, including thinking about their audience and the story their game tells. Students will have a choice of designing and building a board game, card game or digital game using Scratch (5th grade) or the Tynker App (3rd,4th grade). *Note this session is six classes instead of 4. Students who do not complete their games during the session are encouraged to finish at home. Game on!

Design & Build Challenge*

Have you ever looked at an object and thought it could be designed better? During this session we will discuss empathy driven design, a way of looking at design that improves the day to day of the user. We will use design thinking and hands on materials to build and if time, students will present their prototypes to the class. *Note this session is six classes instead of 4. If students do not complete building, they will be encouraged to finish at home.