"The natural world is so adaptable, so adaptable you wonder what's natural" (91)

Would you rather live in a world that is adaptable and always changing, or in a world that is natural and steady?

I would rather live in a world that is natural and steady. I think when things are changing they always have some small or large impact. I cannot grasp a stable thought when bad things happen as a result of myself or my society. For things to change or adapt, someone must want them to, and then the consequences of that change is blood on their hands. It seems pessimistic. But if I lived in a world that stayed natural and steady, I would never be at fault or have anyone to blame for what happens. Things would be at their most natural and uncontrollable state. And what more for survival would you need from a world? There is no true reason for adaptation or change. In relation, the advancement we seek in our world today is unnecessary, and frankly, unfortunate.

In the novel Feed, Violet's Feed is harming her body. Do you think this reflects any way our technology is harming us today?

I do think this correlates to ways technology is harming us today, both directly and indirectly.

Directly: Technology is unreliable; it does not have a brain or a conscience. It is scary to think how much trust we are willing to put in a machine, especially when it could jeopardize a life. Here and there we hear stories of malfunctioning technology that physically harms a civilian. But as time goes on we are asking more daring responsibilities of technology. It won't be long before a self-driving car freezes, this may be the same as your IPhone, but instead a much larger impact

Indirectly: When technology is depended on, people seem to think they will never need an alternative. Therefore, why should people learn the basic skills that can now be replaced at the click of a button? Why should people study? Or learn how to drive? Or learn how to talk, if it can all be done quicker and easier? Think of it this way, if a society is not working, then it is not working together. Skill and individuality is what differs humans from robots. Its hard to think that technology in any way could not be harming us.


This weeks discussion was very successful because no matter who had what job we all had questions to ask and comments to share. One thing that worked really well is that we focused on using the discussion leader questions as a base to branch off from; using each question to pose another. After following the train of thought, we came to one concluding and captivating question; would you be a Violet or a Titus?