Secondhand Lions

Mrs. Dodson's favorite movie

Secondhand Lions starring Robert Duvall and Sir Michael Cain

This movie is one of the best of all times. It has excitement, romance, and a lion! It's perfect for all ages and has something for everyone. I love the characters of Hub and Garth and wished there were more movies with awesome characters like these. The movie stars Walter played by Haley Joel Osmen, who goes to live with his great-uncles while his mother is off finding a new husband. His uncles have wealth from their time overseas fighting and outsmarting a sheik. Along the way of this fun and witty adventure, Walter finds out how to become a man and the secret to living a long and meaningful life.

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Sometimes what you see is not the real picture!
Secondhand Lions Official Trailer

Starring roles

This film is guaranteed to leave you laughing and crying at the same time!

Second Hand Lions - trailer