One Bright Bunch

A Letter From Mrs. Scheperle

Last week was another good week! We are learning how to listen and follow directions.

-Thank you to all the parents who helped their child complete their All About Me paper. If you still have this at home please send it in as soon as possible.

-It is sometimes cool in our classroom. You may want to send a light jacket or a sweater with your child.

-We still need snacks for our classroom. Items such as goldfish crackers, bagged cereal, graham crackers etc... are perfect. These need to be nut free.

Here area few notes for the upcoming week:

-Your child may bring a water bottle to keep at their desk. It must be water and it must have a lid that closes completely.

-Please remember to send your child's folder and backpack to school each day. If you could make sure to empty to folder each evening I would appreciate it. Also, please remember to tell your child to give me any notes, lunch money, etc... that you have put in the folder.

-One way to help your child is to practice writing their name with them. Be sure to have them use one Capital letter at the beginning and use lower-case letters for the rest of their name.

That's it for now!

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Have a Bright and Wonderful week!

Mrs. S.

In Other News

Reading: This week we will be learning how to take care of the books we read.

Phonics: We will continue working on letter sounds. We will focus on the letters Gg and Qq.

Phonemic Awareness: We will be working on identifying sounds that are the same and rhyming words.

Writing: We will continue Writer's Workshop this week. We will focus on adding details to our story in picture form. We will discuss stretching out the sounds in words and adding them to our stories.

Math: We will discuss sorting and positional words.

Science/Social Studies: This week we will be talking about using our manners. You can help by noticing when your child exhibits good manners and complimenting them!

Conscious Discipline Spot

When your child is doing something well, try saying (for example) "You picked up your room so you can play something else. That was helpful!" This helps notice their helpful contribution in a meaningful way.