March Madness

in the library!

books to read when you're not playing...or watching...or ignoring...:)

Sneaker Century: a history of athletic shoes by Amber Keyser

  • nonfiction, 685 KEY
  • gives the history of athletic shoes--includes some information you probably didn't know!
  • what is one of the oldest shoe companies?

Tales From the Kansas Jayhawks Locker Room: a collection of the greatest Jayhawks basketball stories ever told by Mark Stallard

  • nonfiction, 796.323 STA
  • title is a good description of the book!

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

  • fiction (novel in verse), F ALE
  • Newbery Medal this year!
  • not in...and I can't get another copy now... :(
  • not JUST for fans of basketball!

Last Shot: a final four mystery by John Feinstein

  • fiction mystery, F FEI
  • takes place at the NCAA Final Four at the Superdome in New Orleans (before Hurricane Katrina) where there are mysterious things going on behind the scenes
  • Two kids who are aspiring sports writers won a trip to cover the Final Four. When they overhear a conversation it completely changes their time there--they are now solving the mystery of blackmail rather than just writing about a basketball game.

The Million Dollar Shot by Dan Gutman

  • fiction family, mystery, F GUT
  • Eddie really really wants to win a contest so he can have the chance to make a foul shot at an NBA game and win a million dollars, but he can't enter because his mom is an employee of the company sponsoring the contest. But then she gets laid off.
  • Will Eddie win the contest and make the shot?

Game Changers: play makers by Mike Lupica

  • fiction, sports story, F LUP
  • second in a series--don't necessarily have to read the first one first
  • Ben and his friends have just finished up the football season and are now beginning to prepare for basketball. Ben is understood to be the best point guard. There's a new kid at school, though, who is even better than Ben and makes sure everyone knows it. Will Ben be able to pull it together to keep his team together?

Slam Dunk! by Sharon Robinson

  • fiction, school story with some basketball, F ROB
  • Jumper's favorite thing is basketball, but when he moves to a new school and his friend convinces him to run for student council, life suddenly gets a little more complicated.

Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time by Lisa Yee

  • fiction, school and sports story in the form of a diary, F YEE
  • funny moments!
  • Stanford Wong flunked English in 6th grade, so instead of going to basketball camp over the summer he has to take summer school. How is he going to pass the summer school course so he can play on the A basketball team in 7th grade? And who is going to become friends with as he studies?