Global Warming Effects

By, Archit Ravishankar Pd.7 DIgLit 1-11-15

How can I create a presentation that will show the consequences of Global Warming Affecting The Earth

As Global Warming increases the Earth is slowly showing devastating consequences which could harm organisms and humans. I chose this topic because as I was browsing around I found out a very weird fact. I learned that humans cause 50% of Global Warming, which can be reduced if certain practices of humans' gets reduced or fixed. So hearing this, lets reduce Global Warming and its affects!

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We can stop Global Warming! It will affect you in the future. Increasing Global Warming will: rise sea levels which makes it unhealthy that will make humans get diseases like cholera etc. and produce harmful algae blooms. Also it increases the normal heat Earth is adapted with; which will cause heat-related illness and death. As Global Warming increases we will have less water due to melting glaciers and water getting evaporated because of excess heat. Due to green house gasses collecting in the atmosphere- like a thickening blanket... trapping the sun's heat and making it warmer. If the global warming goes in this rate, by the end of the century the temperatures can be 5 degrees Fahrenheit higher. Global warming is also 1 of the cause of environmental degradation which caused forced migration, civil conflict and mental health impacts. Let's Stop It!

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Global Warming is not a conqueror to kneel before-but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to, by Joe Ueberman is correct. In other words, we have to make an act about global warming and put our best to reduce it. Average temperatures have increased 0.8 degrees Celsius in the USA. The last 2 decades were the hottest since 400 years ago. By 2040 ice may have melted in the arctic making ice-free summer. i think Global Warming is very dangerous and it really can be devastating if we don't try our best to stop it!
10 Surprising Effects Of Global Warming
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