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August 31-September 4, 2015

Good morning, and happy Monday! Last week was absolutely spectacular, and I can't wait to see what this week holds for each of you.

Beginning last Wednesday, we deployed iPads to our 4th and 5th grade students. I wish that you all could have seen the amazement in their eyes and heard joy in their voices as they were handed their very own iPad! With the help of Michelle Nebel, Cheryl Bailey, Kathy Ivey, Shari Galey, and all of 4th and 5th Grade teachers, this process went exceptionally well. While there were hiccups along the way, each of these amazing women remained both flexible and patient. I can't wait to see the learning that is transformed with these new devices.

The weekend also started with a great night at Tiger Stadium! The Tigers brought home a victory cheered on by dozens of Westview families, teachers, and friends. The fun of this night would not have been nearly as fun without the face painting skills of Traci Pierson, Chelsea Lane, Leslie Maddox, and Nicole Johnson. These ladies did an amazing job, and the students were so excited to have their faces painted with whiskers, mustaches, and dinosaurs...yes, dinosaurs! A big thanks is also deserved by Linda Haskell who worked the PAWS table and market lots of blinking-light objects. To all of you that were there with your families to simply enjoy the game, we are also delighted that you took time away from your busy weekends to spend some of it with your Westview family.

As you embark on the week ahead, I wish each of you a blessed week!

Educationally yours,


Candy Jar Donations

Each school year, our wonderful secretaries generously stock the candy jar in the office. If the amount of candy consumed in the first 7 days of school is any indication of the number of bags of candy we are going to go through this year, we are in trouble!

I know that many of us, myself included, love grabbing a piece or 5 as we come through the office. There's nothing like a yummy piece of chocolate to help "encourage" you through that 3 hour stretch of learning time with an 8-year old.

If you would like to donate a bag or 2 of candy to the secretaries, I know they would appreciate your generosity in keeping the candy jar stocked!


AIMSweb Universal Screenings

AIMSweb assessments begin this week and will be conducted in the Library. Please make sure that you have read Amy Olinger's email that contains the schedule and expectations for assessment. If you have any questions, please see Amy or Dana.

Math CFA #1 (Benchmark)

Please administer the Math CFA #1 Benchmark for your grade level this week. Upon completion and scoring of the assessment, please add your class results to this year's data spreadsheet.


**We will be reviewing results from both of these assessments during our data team meeting on Wednesday, September 16.**

Team Meetings - Wednesday

We will meet in Jessica's office this week to review our updated Reading Improvement Plan documents, determine qualifying students, and begin completing paperwork for these students. You can view the new document at the following link: https://drive.google.com/a/ga.essd40.com/file/d/0B3l0-0ydxTyhdjM2TVRkcV95VlE/view?usp=sharing

We will also review our updated PST Process for the current year. Please come with any questions you may have about struggling students.

Professional Learning Communities


3-5 Science Notebook Training

When: Wednesday, August 26 @ 3:15

Where: Lewis Elementary

All others (sped/specials/title/counselors/library/etc.) - you need to meet/work with your team for a 2-hour time either this Wednesday or next. Please notify me and/or Rita with your team's decision.

Upcoming Events

August 31 - FOSS Science Kit Training (4th Grade)

September 1 - FOSS Science Kit Training (3rd Grade)

September 1 - 1st/2nd year teacher mentor meeting @ Lewis

September 2 - FOSS Science Kit Training (2nd Grade)

September 2 - FOSS Science Note Booking Training (3rd-5th Grade / 3:15-5:15 @ Lewis)

September 3 - Boy Scouts of America talks in classrooms (1st-5th grades only)

September 3 - FOSS Science Kit Training (1st Grade)

September 4 - FOSS Science Kit Training (Kdg)

September 7 - NO SCHOOL / Labor Day

September 9 - FOSS Science Note Booking Training (Kdg-2nd Grade / 3:15-5:15 @ Lewis)

September 11 - Midterm

Happy Birthday to You!


1 - Mindy A.

1 - Marty M.

7 - Richie M.

9 - Traci P.

19 - Vicky G.

27 - Lisa F.

28 - Lenny S.