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Week of September 19


Dear MTMS Families,

One of the 2016-17 educational initiatives at MTMS and in USD 232 is the focus on 21st Century learning – i.e. an increased utilization of technology in the classroom. Our staff was asked to develop technology driven educational goals to implement during this school year. The sampling of goals below is another example of the talent and innovativeness of the staff at Monticello Trails. Our students are in such capable hands!

"At least once this semester, I will use technology to effectively utilize a flipped classroom."

"Students will use an online writing evaluation tool called “Paper Rater” to assess multiple areas of their writing. Students will use the feedback they receive to revise their writing to increase the score Paper Rater assigns to each writing category. This will result in the students’ scores being raised at least 10% from the first to last draft attempted for the Research Paper unit during the 3rd quarter."

"We will implement at least two video lessons per chapter by the end of the semester, and these will be posted to Blackboard. Students can use these videos as classroom support or as a flipped classroom."

"By December 2016, all Explorer team 8th grade students will successfully complete a teacher-created discussion board response for at least four units, achieving a minimum score of 80% mastery on each."

"By the end of first semester, I will use a message board to engage thought and participation by my students."

"My Publications students will correctly use the more advanced camera modes (Av, Tv, and P) when taking photographs for the 2017 yearbook. Students will correctly use these settings to adjust aperture, f-stops and ISO to increase the quality of photographs taken in a wide range of conditions."

"During the first quarter, all 7th grade art students will use electronic devices to create a preliminary sketch of layered photographs for a Cubist style sculpture. Students will email me their completed plans."

"Using an electronic device, students will go to the website. Under the “exercises” tab they with click on “note naming” and then attempt to accurately (within a two minute time frame) name 25 notes in their clef. (All woodwinds, upper brass, and percussion will utilize the treble clef, all low brass the bass clef.) They will then show me the results. (This web-site shows me how many times they attempted to name a note, how many notes they got correct, a percentage for how accurately they named the notes and how long it took them.)"

Melissa Hansen



September 19 - 7th Volleyball @ MTMS 4:00 PM /8th Volleyball @ Basehor Linwood 4:00 PM

September 19 - Cross Country @Tonganoxie MS 4:00 PM

September 20 - 8th Grade STUCO Leadership Retreat @ SMW 8:00 AM

September 20 - 7th Football @ Piper MS 4:00 PM /8th Football @Piper MS 5:00 PM

September 21-29 - BOOK FAIR

September 23 - 7th/8th Grade Band Night @ MVHS

September 26 - 7th Volleyball @ Robert Clark /8th Volleyball @ MTMS 4:00 PM

September 27 - 7th Football @ MTMS 4:00 PM /8th Football @MTMS 5:00 PM

September 28 -Cross Country @ Celebration Park 4:00 PM

September 28 - Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 - 7:30 PM

September 29 - NO SCHOOL; Fall Parent/Teahcer Conferences 9:30 AM - 8:00 PM


October 4 - Picture Retake Day


***Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences***

Wednesday, September 28

4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

(Regular school day for students 7:55 – 3:05)

Thursday, September 29

9:30 AM – 8:00 PM

(NO SCHOOL for students Thursday, 9/29 & Friday, 9/30)

Conferences are scheduled by appointment. Please click on

to sign up for a time slot by your student's team.

Please let the office know if you are having issues signing up.


MTMS students who plan to stay for a game must report to the Commons at 3:05 on game days. Students may use this time after school as a study hall, to talk quietly, or play a game/cards. Students must ask the supervisor’s permission in order to leave the Commons for any reason. Any student who chooses to leave after school can ONLY attend the game with supervision of a parent/legal guardian. Students who stay after school are expected to follow the MTMS After School Athletic Events Code of Conduct

and abide by the following guidelines:

- Stay in the building or football field for the entire game, Any student who leaves the building or football field during the game will be expected to leave the school grounds and not return that day, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

- Be sitting in the bleachers while the game is in play to support our athletes. Students will be given the opportunity at all game breaks, such as quarter breaks, match breaks and half-time to get concessions and use the restroom. If a student misbehaves, engages in unsafe behavior, or displays poor sportsmanship, the student will be given an assigned seat, asked to leave, or have additional school consequences.

Bryan LeBar

Associate Principal

Monticello Trails Middle School


Parents, guardians, students and community members are invited to join the school district at one of three Community Engagement Meetings – October 4, 6 or 12.

During this school year and under the leadership of Superintendent Frank Harwood, the district will engage the USD 232 community in a process to establish a vision for the future of the school system.

The big question we have to answer is what we want our district to be for our students. It will take collaborative parent-school-community partnerships to support the continued success for all students in USD 232.

We hope you will join us by providing input through one of the three community forums, as we embark on this vital process.

Three meetings scheduled

As a convenience, we scheduled three meetings for your consideration. All meetings are open to the public and each of them will be similar. Please attend the meeting that is most convenient for you.

Tuesday, October 4 at Monticello Trails Middle School
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
6100 Monticello Road, Shawnee

Thursday, October 6 at Mill Creek Middle School
7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
8001 Mize Blvd., Lenexa

Wednesday, October 12 at Lexington Trails Middle School
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
8800 Penner Ave., De Soto

The forums are just the beginning of this important conversation. The Board of Education will be involved in the visioning process throughout the school year. If you are unable to attend one of the forums, there will be additional opportunities for you to provide input in the future.


Express expectations clearly to keep your child on the right track

Research shows that when parents have high and realistic expectations for their children, the children do better in school. Expressing your expectations clearly and specifically is a key part of the process.

With middle schoolers, vague expectations, like "Try hard in school, " leave too much "wiggle room"." To avoid giving your child a chance to interpret expectations to suit themselves:

  • Speak in terms of what you expect. Telling them what he/she must do can backfire, because you can't control their behavior. You can only control yours. "I expect you to complete your homework before you leave the house," is more effective than, "You'd better do your homework now."
  • Talk about your child's own expectations. If she/he says they expect an A on his/her next test, have him/her tell you exactly how he/she plans to achieve it. Suggest that they put a plan in writing.
  • Talk about teachers' expectations. For example, you might ask, "When Mrs. Jones tells you on Friday that you have a test on Monday, what does she expect?" If you get a blank look in return, supply the answer for your child. "She expects you to start reviewing the material right away so that you will be prepared on Monday."

Please visit our Counselor's page on the MTMS Website for the current edition of The Parent Institute Newsletter from MT Counselors Mr. Dave Anderson and Mr. Terry McCord.


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