6th Grade Reading & Technology

Monday, December 8, 2014

National Computer Science Education Week

In an effort to support the National Computer Science Education Week, our sixth graders will participate in "one hour of code", a weeklong initiative designed to give students a chance to experience computer programming and to spark interest in computer sciences as a career. According to this organization, computer programming jobs are growing at twice the rate of other jobs, and the prediction is that by 2020, there will be more computer programming jobs than people to fill those jobs. This week, our students will have an opportunity to create an animated holiday greeting card using "Scratch", an online programming language created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hopefully, we'll be able to post some creations by our students on the next newsletter!

Kids, get started here!

Agenda for Dec. 8-12

Monday-Silver Day

Tuesday-Black Day----P.E. District Determined Assessment (DDA): Take in Computer class

Wednesday-Silver Day----P.E. District Determined Assessment (DDA): Take in Computer class

Thursday-Black Day

Friday-Silver Day


*Edmodo-Read/discuss Class Newsletter; check Edmodo wall for assignments

*Reading Plus--30-45 minutes per class period; This is also HOMEWORK

*Typing Web--10-15 minutes per class period;This is also HOMEWORK

*Computer Programming (Hour of Code!)

Reading Plus Team Competition!

The first class to reach 80% completion rate on iBalance, ReadAround, AND SeeReader will earn a class party outside! Work hard to help your class win! Right now, it's a close race between Mrs. Campbell's B2 class and Ms. Salo's S3 class, with Ms. Salo's class being slightly ahead! There will be two class winners, one from the Silver Team and one from the Black Team (Skinny class could beat them all!)

Web Picks of the Week...

Getting to Know the Standards....


"Follow precisely a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks."

This is a standard that we work on, quite literally, every day. The students in our computer lab are planning, creating, saving their work, loading it into a virtual backpack in Edmodo, retrieving it, editing it, saving it under a new name (are you tired yet?), and finally, posting their work to me on Edmodo. I have been so impressed with their ability to do all of these things so readily, and without complaints. This is what this standard might look like in a typical science class.