Exploring European Countries





govenment- Social Democratic Party

total area-17,462 sq miles

major cities- tallin, tartu, narva

religions-evangelical luthernanism

currency- euro

total population- 1.32 million

The People of Estonia

Their general attitudes are very nice and welcoming. They greeted me by saying "tere tulemast!" witch means welcome. When they greet you it is seldom that they make eye contact and they like their personal space. It is considered rude if the woman is in charge because they believe the man should always take charge. I got dressed up to go over to the families house because they judge on personal appearance. We ate soup for dinner with potatoes and side sandwiches.

Sites Around Town

As the historic landmark we visited Kaarli Church (Charles XI Lutheran Church). It was build in 1862 and was my families church. Over Christmas break I celebrated Christmas with their family. there Christmas was very similar to ours in the US. I enjoyed opening presents for Christmas and exchanging gift with their family. since it was during winter break I packed clothing to keep me warm. The average weather while I was there was around 39 degrees and rainy some days.

Cultures and Customs?

The myth that they told me was the story about the Indian that roams the neighbor hood but never says a word to anyone. people will see her sitting by the town camp fire but as soon as anyone get to close she runs off. I attended a conformation of a 13 year old girl who was a cousin of the family. After the conformation at the church they went and celebrated with a big party. their entire family and all their friends were invited. Their family was super kind and welcoming however it took some time to get used to them wanting to have a lot of personal space. Marriage to the Estonia's is a big deal however it is estimated that half of the marriages end in divorce.

Health, Mode of Transportation, Government, and Economy?

It is a fairly modernized country with modern medicines. However, they are just now beginning to trust doctors because they had been using home remedies for so long. Either you are rich or very poor they isn't a middle-class. The rich have very nice cars and love flaunting their money, while the poor people just walk. They have an army, a navy, and a limited air defense system. Their government also has good border control. Estonia has a good economy and lots of shops. It is important for travelers to know about their currency. They use Euro's witch one Euro is equal to 1.07 US Dollar.