What Engaging Questions Are You Asking Your Students?

High Impact Questions

Have you ever listened to student conversations in the cafeteria? You just might hear some extremely animated conversations about the latest video game, new dance song, or an embarrassing predicament. If students are interested in a topic, chances are they will be very engaged in it.
The challenge for us as teachers is to ask questions that prompt the same level of engagement and thought that takes place in those high-energy cafeteria conversations. How do we ask good questions that engage students intellectually; hook them into thinking and learning? Let's take a look at some of the types of questions we can ask.

Instructional Coach Tammy Haefer

Improving Your Questioning Skills

The above high-impact questions are by no means the only way to think about the questions you ask. However, taking the time to reflect and consider the type, kind and level of questions you ask is a great place to start improving questioning skills. Also, having a clear understanding of your current reality will help improve questioning methods. How many questions do you think you ask in a 30-minute lesson versus how many you actually ask, can differ greatly. The same type of reflection on how many questions do you think your students ask versus how many they actual ask is often vastly different as well.

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Tammy Haefer
Crowley ISD