Keenan Media Center Updates

2016 End-of-the-Year and Final Newsletter

Housekeeping Chores

  1. Senior debts must be paid by May 19. Please remind seniors that they will not be able to participate in graduation practice unless their debt is cleared;
  2. Students who have books and/or equipment checked out must return them by Friday, May 13. Any books/equipment not returned by May 13 will be marked as lost and a debt will be placed in PowerSchool;
  3. Teachers/staff who have checked out books and/or equipment must return them by May 20. You can see what you currently have checked out by clicking the Destiny in Chrome icon on your desktop. Login (upper right hand corner)>Catalog>My Info. Your username is what you use to login to your computer; your password is your employee ID number. If you do not see the Destiny in Chrome icon on your desktop, go to Keenan's homepage>Quicklinks>Destiny: Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC); Login>Catalog> My Info. Students can log into Destiny in Chrome by using their computer username and password>Catalog>My Info;
  4. Batteries must be removed from all calculators before they are returned to the media center;
  5. Teachers who have damaged/lost equipment must complete the Theft Lost Vandalism and Damaged Report found on Keenan's homepage>School Resources>Forms>Theft Lost Vandalism and Damaged Report. The report must be signed by Mr. Pressley before turning it in to the media center;
  6. Teachers/staff who plan to keep their DLE laptops and/or IPads over the summer must complete the Equipment Checkout Form found on Keenan's homepage>Resource Center>Forms>Equipment Checkout Form. The Equipment Checkout Form must be signed by Mr. Pressley (or his designee) and brought to the media center along with the equipment that is being checked out. The return date for equipment checked out over the summer is the first day of school for teachers;
  7. Laminating will end on Monday, May 23.


I have enjoyed my stay at WJ Keenan High School for the past six years as your media specialist/school librarian. This past school year has been challenging and difficult for us all and hopefully the future will be less hectic, less stressful and happier.

I send my prayers and well wishes to my Keenan family for continued strength and prosperity over the coming years.

To my media specialist/school librarian colleagues, I wish you well as more changes and responsibilities surface over the next school year. Don't let the DLE laptops take you out!

Relax and enjoy your summer!

Brenda Boyd

The Library Lady

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WJ Keenan HS Media Center

Brenda L Boyd, Retiring School Librarian

Pamela D James, Media Assistant

Alvin D Pressley, Principal

Marcus Q Adams, Onsite Technician

Bettie G Brown, Technology Coach