The KinderConnect

September 2018

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We are so excited to have each one of your children in our classes this year! This is going to be a year of new beginnings and lots of learning. We have already started our new learning in Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies. We can't wait to start our first Science unit in October. Yay! To help keep you informed about what is going on in Kindergarten this year, we will be publishing a monthly newsletter telling you what we learned, how you can help at home and any events or important information we need to get out to you. We are all extremely excited and thrilled to be partnering with you and helping your child to grow academically and socially.


The Kindergarten Team

left to right: LaTayvia Demar, Kristen Snively, Sarah Smith, Megan Ramsburg, Steven Mercer, Shannon Bell


In reading, we have been learning about the roles of the author and the illustrator. We learned that the author writes the words and the illustrator draws the pictures. We also learned they have to work together to make a book. We are hoping this will help us when we start writing our own books during our writing block. We have also started to learn how to properly turn and talk to our partner about a story. Starting next week, we will be learning question words and how to ask and answer questions.

Word Study

In word study, we have been working on learning how to write our name. We did several fun activities to practice learning the letters in our name. One of the fun activities we did was to read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and then we made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree with our name written on the trunk. We had so much fun making our trees! We have also started learning our letters and working on rhyming. Next week, we will continue to work on rhyming and learning our letters.


We have done a lot in writing so far this year. We started out by making an All About Me book. We had a blast making our books! Then we started learning our color words and how to make the letters in the alphabet. Some of us have even started writing sentences!! Wow!!! How exciting! Next week, we are hoping to start writing more simple sentences and learning how to come up with an idea to write about.


Math has been super fun! We have been learning how to use our manipulative's to count up to 10. We have also learned many fun games that the students love to play! One fun game we have learned is Last Man Standing. To play Last Man Standing, you stand in a circle and practice counting to 10. When someone says 10, that person has to sit down. The winner is the last person standing. The students love this game! We finished up unit 1 last week and have started unit 2. In unit 1, we learned about counting to 10 and recognizing numbers up to to 10. In unit 2, we are still counting and recognizing numbers to 10, but we are also learning to write our numbers to 10. The writing of the numbers is still super tricky for us, but we are getting there! :-)

Social Studies

We have spent the past three weeks in Social Studies learning about how to follow rules in school and how to be a good listener and friend. We have done many activities practicing our listening skills and friend making skills. We learned that our hands and feet belong to ourselves and that we need a safe body always in school. Next week, we will be starting our next unit in Social Studies about the flag. We are so excited to learn all about the American Flag!


We can't wait to start our first Science unit in October! In October, we will be starting our force and motion unit. We will be learning all about how force and motion work together. One of our projects is going to be building a ramp and seeing how fast a car can go down the ramp. The kids are going to have so much fun. Plus, it will be the first time we will get to use the STEAM lab with Mr. Dulberger. How exciting!! We are really looking forward to this!

How can you help at home!?!?

We would love for you to help at home and work with your child. We believe you are one of your child's greatest teachers!

Here are some ways you can work at home:

- use shaving cream to help your child spell their name

- use magnetic letters from the dollar store to help recognize letters and sounds

- read with your child as much as possible

- use magnetic numbers from the dollar store to help with number recognition

- count with your child daily

- count toys, food, cereal bites, etc.

- practice sorting (toys, socks, legos, cereal, noodles, fruit snacks)

- sing the ABC song with your child

- on Youtube: any Jack Hartman song, Harry Kindergarten song or Dr. Jean song

A few Reminders!

- Please sign up for your child's teacher Remind 101 so we can communicate with you efficiently

Remind login: 81010

Mr. Mercer: @mrmercersk

Ms. Demar: @Ldemar1

Mrs. Snively: @KSniv

Mrs. Bell: @mrsbellsrs

Mrs. Ramsburg: @ramsburg18

- Please remember to send in a change of clothes for your child

- As the weather gets chillier, please remember to dress your child appropriately for outside recess

- Check your child's folder daily for notes from us and please return it the next day.

What we could use in our classroom

We know some parents have asked us if we needed anything for our classrooms. The answer is most definitely we could use your help with some donations if possible. These could include wipes, tissues, sandwich baggies, etc. Any and all donations are greatly and hugely appreciated! A huge thank you to those that have generously sent some things in for us! We greatly appreciate it!


We are so excited to announce that we are going on our very first field trip to Summers Farm in October! Watch for more information to be coming out in your child's folder soon.