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Edition 9- Friday, 29th March, 2019

A Note from the Principal

Friendly Schools and Families

The aim of this week’s Friendly Schools and Families discussion is to provide strategies for parents to teach their children how to respond if they are being bullied at school.

Talking with your children about being bullied

Just over 60% of children who were bullied in Australian schools reported they told someone after they were bullied. This means almost 40% of children who were bullied told no-one. Children often think that talking about a bullying incident is like ‘dobbing‘ on one another.

‘Dobbing’ is when a person tries to get attention or to get someone else into trouble.

‘Asking for help’ is when someone feels the situation is out of their control and they are unable to deal with it alone. If anyone sees someone else in this situation they should also ask for help

What are children learning to do at school if they are bullied?

Children of all ages at our school are being taught through the classroom curriculum that:

When I have a problem I can:

· Try to stand up for myself in a positive way;

· Try to talk with the person I am having a problem with;

· Walk away and ignore the person completely;

· Get help from a teacher or another person I trust;

· Ignore the situation and keep playing or working;

· Talk to a friend to get some ideas to help me make a decision; or

· Try coming to an agreement with the other person.

You can reinforce these messages by discussing them with your children at home.

Toilets, Air Conditioners and Carpets

Over the term holidays I’m excited to announce that our student toilets (both top and bottom) will be getting a complete refurbishment. The tender process closed on Wednesday and we are in the process of engaging a builder to complete the works.

We finally are in the position to replace the air conditioners that were damaged last year. These works will begin next week and be finished over the holidays.

Classroom carpets will also be replaced over the holidays. We will need some people to assist in moving furniture on Monday 8 April and Tuesday 9 April. If you are able to assist please contact the school office.

It is great we are getting the works completed over the holidays meaning little to no disruptions to students learning.

Professional Learning

Last week Catherine V and I attended a two day workshop learning about the Differentiate Support for School Improvement (DSSI) initiative which HPS is a participant in during 2019. At present we have two leading teachers, Tracey and Amy, who are working with staff and students to build the learning gains of students in reading. We are excited to have these ladies working with us for the entire year.


Over the course of each year our school raises money for many things around our school including resources for classrooms and play equipment. At present we are raising money to erect a piece of play equipment on the site where the Blue Slide once was. It is important to remember that when erecting a piece of play equipment schools are required to follow Departmental guidelines. We have had a number of quotes for a range of equipment costing anywhere from $15000 to $35000. The school will continue to raise money to erect a piece of equipment in that area and talk to students about what they would like.

End of Term

The last day of term 1 2019 is Friday 5 April. School will be finishing at 2.30pm.

The normal school bus will be leaving HPS at 2.10pm.

Whatever you may be doing over the holidays, please stay safe, enjoy time with your family and friends and have a fantastic break. Term 2 begins on Tuesday 23 April. Please note that ANZAC day falls on Thursday 25 April, the first Thursday of Term 2.

If you and your family use our school grounds during the holidays and see any suspicious activity, please call DET Emergency Management 9589 6266 or Healesville Police 5962 4422.

Monday 1 April

Last Day for Year 5 & 6 Camp Deposit (Horse Riding - optional)

Wednesday 3 April

Legacy ANZAC service - School/House Captains

Thursday 4 April

Healesville District Athletics - Mt Evelyn

Friday 5 April

End of Term 1 - Finishing Time 2:30pm

(Bus travellers finish 2:15pm)

Free Dress Day - Footy Colours - Gold coin donation towards 'Hope Choir'

Monday 22 April

Public Holiday - Easter Monday

Tuesday 23 April

First Day Term 2

Selected Grade 6 Students to MacRobertson Girls High School 8am - 3pm approx.

Thursday 25 April

Public Holiday - ANZAC Day

Monday 29 April - Tuesday 7 May

Senior School Swimming 5/6K, 5/6S, 5/6W & P6J

Tuesday 30 April


Tuesday 7 May

Parents & Community Helpers (P.A.C.H.) Meeting 9am-10am - Staffroom

New members welcome.

Thursday 23 May

Alpha Production - King Arthur - whole school incursion

Tuesday 4 June

Parents & Community Helpers (P.A.C.H.) Meeting 9am-10am - Staffroom

New members welcome.

Prep B: Macey N & Chase McK

1F: Beau D

1/2V: Miley T & Emmy M

2G: Taylor C

3/4B: Lachlan B & Ruby G

5/6K: Mia S 5/6S: Tyler B 5/6W: Denzel P

PE: Nikki R, Lewis G & Whole Class

Congratulations Summer C.

Summer, in her first season with Yarra Ranges Little Athletics competed in the Eastern Region Track & Field Championships a few weeks ago and threw a PB in discus (18.52m) to take home a gold medal and qualify 1st in the State for the State Championships. She also threw a PB in shot put (5.03m) on that day which saw her qualify for State in that event too.

On the weekend, Summer competed against the top 24 in the state in both those events and came home with a Bronze medal in discus and finished 13th in shot put. It was great to see Summer interacting with the other athletes from all over the state and get to stand up on the podium to receive her medal.

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The Wellbeing Corner - with Penny & Dreana

Hi HPS families,

This week I have been noticing how students at HPS have been displaying the school value; We are always LEARNING.

In my role as Chaplain I visit many classrooms and what I see is very cool! There are many different styles of learning and I see students engaged with their class tasks and projects in many ways.

For example, the Grade 3 and 4 students have been learning how to recognise which number is bigger up to 4 and 5 digits. They play games where they have to roll dice and work out the biggest number those digits can make, or the teacher rolls a dice and they have to place the number in whatever position they predict will make the largest number overall. Those who get it are celebrated and those who don’t move on to work out the next one. They are having fun.

I see group projects researching particular places and animals. Students learning together and sharing ideas, I see music games, beautiful art works displayed on the walls and windows, revealing how creative and artistic students are.

I see and talk to students who are struggling with friendships and need some help to talk through and work out strategies to give them tools to become better friends.

I see smiles, frowns, engaged learners, students asking questions when they don’t understand, positive interactions with teachers. All of these things reflect the value – We are always learning.

School is indeed a multi-dimensional learning environment.

Have a great week.



House Tokens

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Canteen Menu

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This week the children will be making masks as well as planting some herbs and bean shoots.

The children can watch them grow and will enjoy taking turns watering them.

From Stacey & Bob - where we make children smile.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afterschool Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.