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Henry Ford School Newsletter. March 8, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Henry Ford Families,

There are several items I would like to share with you. The first is that the Board of Trustees approved the return to In-Person Teaching. Our Teachers Union has agreed and signed a new MOU on March 4. As a result, on Friday a survey was emailed to all our families. We need everyone who has a child in Distance Learning to let us know if you would like to return to In-Person Teaching and Learning or remain in Distance Learning. Please fill out the survey if you haven't had a chance. Only families who are currently in Distance Learning should fill out the survey:

Additionally, we are in the middle of finishing up the second trimester of the year. Your child's teacher may be contacting you regarding progress for this trimester. If your child is on grade level, is progressing, and there are no academic or behavior concerns, you may not need to conference with the teacher at this time. However, you may always request to have a parent/teacher conference. Conferences will be held the week of March 15-19.

On another note, I want to thank those of you who have emailed me in appreciation of some of the Principal's Messages that I have written this year. Many of the messages about improving communication, helping our children, strengthening family relationships, and parenting tips, among other things, are taken from my years of experience as the Manager of the Office of Parent Education and Involvement. During my nearly six years of serving the 42 schools within my previous District, I had the opportunity to study and learn the research behind successful parenting and parental involvement for academic success.

Every year I was responsible to organize and run one of the largest annual Parent Education Conferences and Parent University workshops in the Bay Area for a school district. These annual events served to help families with skills and strategies to support their children's education and their ability to be successful parents. I met many famous authors and professionals who taught me how to be a better parent. In turn, I was able to share this information and create many workshops that I and other professionals taught during my tenure.

I share this information with you to give you the perspective as to where I have learned many of the suggestions that I have shared with you in past Newsletter messages. They are only suggestions. Although most of them are research based, in many cases I have also included my personal experiences dealing with my own three children. I hope no one has felt patronized or that I have insinuated that families in our School don't know how to parent. This is not my intention, and for those who know me, it would be out of character.

As the School Principal I feel a duty and a responsibility as well as the privilege to share my knowledge, life experience, and professional findings that can help us all improve our skills for the benefit of our children's academic success. I thank those of you who have expressed your appreciation for the messages. Please know that if you have a question or a concern regarding any issue, don't hesitate to contact me either by email or by phone.

Again, please fill out the survey if you haven't had a chance, and remember that Parent/Teacher conferences start the third week of March. Your child's teacher may be reaching out to schedule a meeting.

Thank you for your continual support and for all you do to help your child to be successful.

Al Rosell, Ed.D., Principal

- - - - - - - - - March Calendar of Events - - -

All meetings will be online; links will be emailed.

8, Monday, Book Fair Begins

9, Tuesday, PTA Meeting, 7:00 PM

15 - 19, Conference Week

23, Tuesday, Professional Development Training for Teachers, school ends at 11:45 AM. Students will continue with asynchronous assignments

23, Tuesday, School Site Council, 4:00 PM

26, Friday, Minimum Day for all, School ends at 1:30 PM

29, Monday - Friday April 2, Spring Break

Annual School Book Fair — March 8-12

The Scholastic Book Fair is back! While the Fair will be held online this spring, we still plan to make it a fun and joyous experience for our kids. Our Virtual Fair features:

  • A fully Virtual Fair so you and your kids can experience the joy of the Book Fair experience! Browse nearly 300 titles by grade, meet popular authors, watch book videos, and discover the magic of reading

  • Direct access to over 6,000 additional titles with family-friendly prices at the Scholastic Store Online

  • Every dollar you spend will benefit our School directly (25% back in rewards for every purchase!)

Save these dates, and view our School’s Fair site:

Free Meals for All Children in Redwood City, Ages 18 and under Through June 30

Important Dates: (Updated on February 16, 2021)

Wednesday, 3/3/21 – Meal distribution is moving from Roosevelt to
Kennedy School (Meal distribution is available in the Washington Ave. parking lot.)

Wednesday, 3/17/21 – Families will receive meals for 10 days

Wednesday, 3/24/21 – Families will receive meals for 11 days

Mar. 29th-Apr. 2nd – Schools and Kitchens are closed (Spring Break)

Wednesday, 4/7/21 – Meals for in-person pick up continues

Distribution Sites: (Choose One School Site on Wednesdays)

3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

(Starting 3/3/21)

Adelante Selby, Fair Oaks,
Garfield, Hoover, or Kennedy

Is your student attending in-person learning now?

This school year all students who are attending at-school learning will be provided, at no cost, a breakfast and a lunch. Students who are not on campus at lunch can have a lunch to take home. Students can also take home a heat-at-home supper and snack. For information please call


Wednesday — Let's Dine Out at Chipotle

Join us for another successful Dine Out this Wednesday, March 10, at Chipotle. Check out their information here: Chipotle. Present the promotional flyer ( Show the flier ) to obtain the 33% credit on every order to benefit Henry Ford. You may also use the code “4KMEXRZ” to order and obtain the same credit to benefit Henry Ford. Just make sure you tell your friends and family to say please credit Henry Ford for our order!

Chipotle Redwood City

861 Middlefield Rd,

Redwood City, CA. 94063


The deadline for the School Yearbook Contest has been extended to March 15. You may email your child's art to:

The winners will be featured on your amazing yearbook. Learn more on this flyer here.

Henry Ford Spirit Wear


Show your support for Henry Ford School by wearing Mustang clothing. We will be having spirit days on Fridays. Don't be left out. Even if you are staying home with Distance Learning, we want you to wear your spirit wear all the time, but especially on Fridays!

Available by clicking on this link: or by donating via