(NON) Sustainablity


Below are some of the most mind blowing pictures of non sustainability and sustainability. Covering energy use, waste management, biodiversity and pollution, these pictures show us just how powerful humans are in taking advantage of the Earth and consequences associated with that. There are also some amazing ways in which humans revolutionized sustainability and if these procedures are followed, we can thrive while the Earth does the same thing.
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Description part two:

Renewable resources are sustainable as they are environmentally friendly and do not destroy anything while providing energy for us. Regarding the environment, humans require trees no doubt but in order to be sustainable we must plant new ones where we have cut down the old ones. In means of producing waste, recycling is the best way to sustain the constant waste being produced by humans.

Political and Economic Issues

Money is always the problem and windmills and other clean energy requires massive amounts of money.Another factor is corruption. Big oil tycoons make billions of dollars through drilling and selling and many are against alternate forms of energy. In order to be a sustainable species, we must fight politicians and corporate bosses who make enormous amounts of money off of wasteful practices.