Done - Scientific Tools

Logan and Evan W

Here are some scientific tools that you use to investigate with.

Question and answer.

Q:What is mass?

Q:How do use tools?

Q:Why do scientists investigate?

Q:Is investigating important?

The Tools

There are many tools, big and small that scientists use. These are some of them: hand lens, binoculars, and telescope are things that help them to see objects larger. Rulers, scales, and balances help them measure mass. Thermometers help them measure tempature. Stopwatches help them measure time. These are all the tools scientist use.


Hand Lens: [Also called a magnafing glass] Makes small things larger.

Binoculars: makes things that are far away look closer.

Telescope: Like binoculars, makes things that are far away look closer.

Mass: Is the amount of material in something.

Tempature: Is how hot or cold something is.

Volume: Is how much space something takes up.

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