School Newsletter

Quarter I - 2020


Holiday Travel Plans

Speaking of planning, I want to let the community know that the BUUSD Reopening Team continues to meet weekly to explore options for increasing in-person learning and improving remote learning. This team is made up of nurses, teachers, support staff, parents, and administrators from across our district. Our latest work has centered around reviewing the revised guidance from the State of Vermont: A Strong and Healthy Start.

I want to remind our students, families, and teachers how important it is to plan safe holiday celebrations. Health experts tell us that keeping celebrations local and small is the safest thing to do. Please be sure to follow the travel restrictions during this holiday season. You can find up-to-date information on Cross-State Travel on this website:



Cultivating a College & Career Ready Culture

In 2018, Spaulding High School was selected among five other schools to be a part of Vermont Student Assistance Corporation's (VSAC) Aspiration Project, which complements our mission to prepare students for success in an ever changing world.

As an alum and the Aspirations Coordinator, Lauren Hood, Class of 2006, this mission hits close to home. She has deep family roots in Barre and she cares about her community, so much so, she's starting with the Class of 2021.

Lauren has begun to offer college/career readiness virtual workshops on Wednesdays for students. She recognizes the challenges of this, especially not being able to enter the building and form new relationships with students.

But this does not deter her because she wants to raise the aspirations of students. As she stated, "I want students, especially Seniors to know about Wednesday Workshops and resources that VSAC has available to them and their families."

For Work Based Learning students, they appreciate Lauren's efforts and meeting an alum of Spaulding is "even cooler," as Block 3 students stated during a Post Secondary Activity, using terms and Kahoot.

She encourages students to check out her flyers and emails about upcoming workshops because she genuinely wants to provide them with the tools to be successful.

And to combat Google/Zoom fatigue, Lauren has tirelessly compiled another resource entitled, College & Career Planning Resources because she cares about her community and wants to ensure all students have the information needed in order to figure out their future after high school. Check out her work by clicking on this link.

Her next goal is to form relationships with students, reacquaint herself to her alma mater, and we are in total agreement. Welcome Back, Lauren.


Nourishing the Souls of Many

In the words of Mr. Ferland, "Tide Pride is the foundation of Spaulding High School. It’s what keeps our building functioning and running in the unique way that it does. Tide Pride is a lot like faith, you either have it or you don’t. It’s taking time to support Spaulding’s integrity and believing that its good name is a direct reflection upon yourself."

He noted in the Spring of 2020 that the amount of work being exhibited by our staff behind the scenes is astounding and this is so true about Monica Tolman, Spaulding alum, Class of 2003, Tammy Cochrane, and their staff from Aladdin Food Management Services.

For Monica Tolman providing nutritious meals is important, but also meeting the needs of her consumers whether it be that teen embracing the nacho bar to wanting a panini, or checking out the salad bar.

"I miss the students. I miss their presence. I miss hearing what they like or don't like."

Tammy Cochrane echoes this sentiment. "We are prepping meals for people that we don't meet... the presentation of meals is now different" referencing the beginning of Summer programming.

Since the Summer of 2020, Monica's and Tammy's staff: Nancy Brooks, Angela Richardson, Lucille Dente, Jackson Jacques, Becky Ruel, Joe Jamelle, Trina Villa, Linda Trepanier and Lisa Baily, Gala Perreault, and Mariette Beede have been providing meals to our community; servicing students from Barre Town Elementary & Middle School, Barre City Elementary & Middle School, Central Vermont Career Center, and Spaulding High School.

"It's been a team effort," stated Tammy and referenced "our volunteers have been amazing"; including BUUSD's Senior Accountant, Ashley Young who has assisted in the streamlining of services and delivery of meals to students at home.

Both ladies credited the community, especially local restaurants and even CVCC's Bake Shop program. "They donated ingredients, meals, and finished products" that could be delivered to Central Vermont families."

Despite the pandemic, they are unstoppable and now serving Franklin & Lamoille counties too; serving 3 meals a day 7 days a week to over 1300 people... In addition they are providing meals to over 500 people in Washington County including the homeless.

Kate Steward, Volunteer Services Coordinator from the Vermont Foodbank is so grateful.

Even though she misses the presence of Spaulding High School volunteer students and understands the challenges that Vermonters face, she's so appreciative of the work everyone is doing. "I am incredibly humbled and inspired by the influx of volunteers and compassion that Vermonters are showing."

In the past, she has coordinated volunteer services with corporate organizations and schools, but like many, she has pivoted with the demands that COVID has presented.

Her mission is to ensure "all are fed during the pandemic." This is critical work and she's ready to educate and inform individuals even in a virtual world.

Kate credits Vermonters are truly committed to helping their neighbors and she has seen this first hand. "Our community deeply cares about their neighbors."

Even though, COVID has impacted in person volunteering opportunities, she highlights "there are several ways for folks to get involved by noting the Give Help program. For more information on how to Give Help or Get Help, please click on this link:

SAVE the DATE: Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 12:30pm to Sunday, Nov. 29th, 12am

155 Ayers Street

Barre, VT



Spaulding High School has a deep commitment to community service. Given everything we are currently experiencing in this region, State, Nation, and the World as a whole, there are community service activities that can still be accomplished to give back to people in need.

However, we want to maintain that all of our Spaulding High School community is safe and well during these challenging times, and not put anyone at undue risk, so Spaulding High School's Administration have advocated for, and the School Board has decided to, waive the Community Service graduation requirement for the Class of 2021. We will resume the graduation requirement next year.

If students are interested in community service opportunities that would still maintain health and safety for all involved, please feel free to reach out to Margo Austin at or check out the community service web page:

We encourage students who are providing any service to continue to document your hours with this Community Service Form.



Breaking the Waves

Spaulding Educational Alternatives (SEA) Colleagues are riding the surf and moving forward with, Jason Derner's mission. Mr. Derner is the Alternative Programs Administrator.

To some individuals, waves are just waves, but to Mr. Derner's staff, no two waves are alike.

Like a surfer, an individual needs to understand the mechanics of a wave and how they form due to swells. Andrew Aube, Norm Carter, Cherly Cloutier, Steven Kelley, Nashanda McGee Browman, Adam Munroe, Julie Prentice, Thomas O'Toole, & Chris Wood take this approach too when helping their students in the classroom.

In the past, programs like ACT or Granite Academy were separate in nature and location rather than being housed under one roof. Both programs provided additional educational, social/emotional, and behavioral support that were comprehensive and individualized in nature, but space was becoming an issue.

In turn, their needs were growing and expanding programming was not viable, so Mr. Derner began advocating for a new space - hoping to find a great groundswell; a large powerful surf to ride and he did.

91 Allen Street will become the new home of the SEA Program; a state of art facility where individual programming can continue. In his voice, you could hear the excitement as he reported Peak Constructions' work with prepping the site and installing rebar. As of date, they have stripped topsoil, removed unsuitables, and brought in material for grading and sitework. They have installed an electrical conduit and are now working on sewer lines and manholes.

"I am super excited," stated Mr. Derner. "To be able to create a space where we can equip students with the skills needed to be successful beyond the classroom and in the field- just great."

He also referenced programming and creating a new model of services including, but not limited to Project Based Learning, Restorative Practices, and Experiential Learning by offering woodworking, automotive, and welding while being mindful of the needs of his students. He's very appreciative of his "dynamic team" and thus far, his team and students have stayed afloat with the additional presence from Kevin Haley & Cristina Scharnberg whose impact upon students has been tremendous.

In turn, Mr. Derner and his staff will continue to ride that wave and "develop a robust academic and service delivery model in anticipation of our expansion and move to the new facility next year."