Getting Around In Navsari

The Government Bus in Navsari are very easy to use. The buses are very nice but sometimes it doesn't. It will take you all around the whole Navsari city and another cities too. You can ride through from any of the bus station that around city. It will cost you on how far you need to go. You also have to buy ticket. Riding in bus really cheaper than other public transportation in Navsari city. Sometimes it was so noisy and dirty so you might feel bad.

Standing in Navsari Bus Station, Gujarat, India; 7th May 2012

Rules of good Etiquette

  • Don't smoke.
  • Don't spit.
  • Don't harm public transportation.
  • Don't ride without ticket and pass.
  • Don't break the rules.
  • Give your sit to elderly person.
  • Don't try to enforce the rules to any person.
  • Always wait for your turn.
  • Don't make eye contact with stranger.
  • Don't talk with stranger.
  • Follow the rules.

Bhavik Patel