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This newsletter is to keep our partners in Christian service informed about our ministry activities. We also strongly encourage you to visit and subscribe to our website at as well as to listen in on our internet radio broadcast by logging into May God abundantly and richly bless you, as you grow in your walk with Him!

Our Visit to New Heights Church

Sunday, Aug. 12th, 4pm

900 East Hobson Avenue

Dallas, TX

On this day we were blessed with the privilege and opportunity to visit New Heights Church, by invitation of Bishop and Sister Davis. We were among the guest asked to speak in the "Sister to Sister" service where we shared the platform with other anointed female pastors and evangelists. Evangelist Johnson's topic of choice was, "If Every Tree Were Just Like Me, What Kind of Orchard Would God's Kingdom Be?" It was an enriching event of worship and fellowship, and the Davis' were amazing hosts.

Asking for Your Prayers...

As the "Ministry That Strives to Make a Difference" embarks upon its next phase of ministry, we request your prayers as we seek out a local nursing home with which to share the love of Christ. We pray that the door to ministry will open, that God will send us to the one He has in His plan and, most importantly of all, that we will bear much fruit in this area of ministry. In advance, we thank you immensely, and if there is anything we can agree with you on, please feel free to contact our ministry through the website.
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