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SeeSaw Example

Newsletter: Each day, the “Helper of the Day” will be taking photographs to document our learning and activities. At the end of the day, they will be creating a picture collage and recording their voices to talk more about the photos. Although not every student will be recording each week, every student WILL be getting a turn! As we all get better at this new routine, we will hopefully be including more videos into the newsletter so that you can see your children in action! I will continue to send-out an email on Fridays with “housekeeping” items along with the link to the newsletter for that week. The kids are SUPER excited and incredibly proud of the work they are doing in the classroom. This is such a fun opportunity to have them reflect on, and take ownership in, their learning!

Every day the kids take 4-5 pictures of things from that day and put it into a Pic Collage and then record a 30 voice summary in Shadow Puppet. The teachers combines all the days (M-F) at the end of the week using Shadow Puppet and uploads to SeeSaw everyone folder.



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