The Crucible - The 1950s

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Was an all around good time

After WWII finished, many people were finally able to relax. They would not have to worry about the World War. This would not last long as the Cold War would be starting soon. The Cold War was caused by the Red Scare.
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The Red Scare

  • The fear of Communism (Logan Cummings is Cringing)
  • Joseph McCarthy (from Grand Chute) wrongfully accused numerous people of being Communists

The Red Scare and The Salem Witch Trials

In both cases, people were accused of being something they are not. People tried to explain things in society with either witches, who aren't real, or Communists in the government, which there weren't any.
Witch Village - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Women's Standards

  • Women were more equal to men compared to before the war
  • Women were becoming more independent
  • However, women were still viewed as less than men.
  • Women were often expected to stay home to take care of children, clean , and cook. Men were expected to provide for the family.


This story was written during the 1950's. The author thought that the Red Scare and the Salem witch trials were very similar. By understanding what happened in the 1950's, readers can better understand the Salem witch trials, which directly relate to the story.