Airline Flights

By: Somer McCrystal

Common Myths

1. There is a magic hour to book flights and get less expensive tickets

2. Fares are lowest on Tuesday and Wednesday

3. You should book a flight right after midnight on a Tuesday

4. If you'll book on a weekday you will land the best deals.

5. There is a "right day" to buy

My Conclusion

Overall, booking airline tickets do not relate to the myths stated above. My data shows that the airline prices do have a trend but the prices are at random with the trend. The trend my research shows is that when an airline price does change the price it stays the same for more than one day. Usually 3 days or more. If you are planning to purchase a ticket i would try and book a flight on one of the days that have a lower price because there is no guarantee it will be that low again. With saying that, I never saw one single day that there was a "special price" or a price that was only on one day. I did, however, notice that the prices were the lowest when I first started tracking my flight and it was also significantly lower between October and November. Another myth i debunked with this data was that there is a magic hour to book flights. Every day Expedia changed their price around the same time and then the price didn't change for a few days. Expedia typically changed their prices around 8-11 am, so if you checked before that time then it would be the same price as yesterday, but if you checked it after these times the previous price or new price would stay the same the rest of the day. Also, the weekend prices sometimes changed but mostly stayed the same as a weekly price. The best way to book a flight for a vacation would be to check regularly for a price a change and when the price is lower than normal I would compare to prices you saw before and book it before it goes back up. My flight went from $689.00-$862.00. I would book early because as the date for the flight gets closer, the price gets higher.

My Flight Analysis

I researched a flight to Anchorage, Alaska. This flight was from Lexington, KY to Anchorage, AK round trip for one traveler. Both the flight to and from Alaska had two delays. My airline i chose was American Airlines and i used Expedia to researched my flight prices. The trip was planned for July 3rd-July 9th.
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