Control Z

A philosophy of redo - by RKT

For your consideration - I present the following...

What would I do again?

The question that begs itself is..

What would I redo?

What would I do differently?

Pity we do not have a control Z button in our Life -

Yet we can go forward...


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Control+Z is a control character in ASCII code. It is commonly used as a substitute (SUB) character. It is perhaps best known as the keyboard shortcut in Windows applications for the undocommand. It is also used to signal an end-of-file on some operating systems.

Strictly speaking, Control+Z is not a printable character but a code for control purposes, though it is sometimes rendered by two characters as ^Z. It is generated by pressing the Z key while holding down the Ctrl key on a computer keyboard.[1]

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An awesome video below - In Spanish yet one gets the idea...

Control Z