Piedmont Tech Update

January Edition!

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Classrooms of Tomorrow Goes to FETC!

I will be out of the office to attend FETC from January 21st to January 23rd. I will be sharing the awesome work being done by our Classrooms of Tomorrow Pilot Teachers. PdMS is well represented by Andrew Contafio and Lesa Goodman!

If you would like to see the video that is a part of my FETC Teaching Transformed Presentation, you can check it out here:

COT/ Game of "What If?" Video

If you need anything please email me and I will try to help the best I can. I may also be able to put you in touch with an ITF who can get you what you need while I am out.

Digital Learning Nights Announced for Piedmont High and Piedmont Middle!

Piedmont High will host a digital learning night in the lobby of the school gym on February 3rd during our next to last home basketball game. Digital resources are being collected to show of the great work being done by Piedmont students and teachers. If you have not contributed you can fill out the Piedmont Web Wed Form.

Piedmont Middle will host a similar night on March 5th during an open house parent night. You can contribute to a similar collection of digital resources by filling out the January MidTech Form.

Multimedia Refresh! Three places for rich multimedia content.

Useful Classroom Management Tools!


How to Use Doctopus and Goobric to Grade Google Classroom Assignments

Post Ingest! Grading Your Google Classroom Assignment Part 2
Post Ingest! Grading Your Google Classroom Assignment Part 2