Vietnam War

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War Facts

This war was from 1954-1975. It was part of a bigger problem known as the Second Indochina War. The terrain and climate where they fought which was southeast Asia is very different than the United States. The Vietnam war was the longest war in which the united states took part. There was 8,744,000 U.S. troops engaged and 47,410 U.S. deaths. The first United States troops entered in March of 1965. Vietnam was separated into two parts, North and South. North Vietnam was communist and, they wanted to end United States support of South Vietnam. North Vietnam wanted to combine the two parts into one country. The war officially ended on April 30, 1975 when South Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnam.

At War

The first troops entered Vietnam in March 1965. Boot camp was 8-12 weeks and drill instructors provided them with the basic military skills. In boot camp you learned based off of your branch of service. Soldiers even had their own military slang. The first combat veterans could teach the new veterans. The soldiers spent alot of their free time cleaning their equipment and sometimes they read at the base. Every soldier also can take a week of leave during his time on duty.

The Viet Cong

The Viet Cong was a communist army that fought against the South Vietnam government and the United States in the Vietnam war. American soldiers called the Viet Cong Charlie.People from South and North Vietnam were in this group. They used guerrilla warfare including ambushes, assassinations, and, and terrorist bombings. They are best known for their Tet offense. Tet offense was an assault on many South Vietnam cities in February 1968. The group was allied with North Vietnams government.
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