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NEWSLETTER | TERM 2 | WEEK 6 | 28 May 2021

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Message from Geordie

I would like to start by saying a huge thanks to Mrs Williamson and our Year 2’s for entertaining us this morning. What a great way to finish off the week!

Unfortunately, the Leadership Team were out for 3 planning days at Catholic Ed this week, so it was great to get back to school today. I would like to thank all our staff for keeping our school calm, fun and engaging for our students. As I listened to some of the awards this week, it was great to hear about all the fantastic work that is happening in our classrooms!

As I have mentioned previously, we are in the process of updating our Homework Policy and are hoping to get some feedback from parents to contribute to the discussion. If you have 3 minutes, please fill in the short questionnaire below…

Before I go, can I please just make mention of a couple of important points this week. Firstly, I have had reports from 3 families in the past fortnight, that some St Bernie’s students are riding to school without helmets and being quite dangerous on the roads. If your children ride or scoot to school, please discuss this with them and make sure they have a helmet. We will give you a call and let you know if we discover who it is – I just want everyone to stay safe!

Secondly, the carpark (as in all schools) seems to be a consistent issue in the afternoon. In my experience over the past month, we have everyone out by 3.20pm which I think is pretty good for a school of well over 400 students. Please remember to be patient, especially entering and exiting the school as we also have many families walking and riding in the area.

Have an awesome weekend, stay warm and dry and we will see you next week!

Geordie Thuijs

Making Jesus Real at St Bernadette's

Making Jesus Real is thriving at St Bernies! MJR has a simple message – Jesus is part of our lives and can change the way we live; we can make Jesus real through our daily actions and words.

Rose Mc in Year 1B is this week's MJR recipient, she was nominated because 'today my friend Rose helped me up because I got hurt when I was playing chasey with my friends. I fell down but she made me feel better.'

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Other noteworthy nominations.....................

Vienna Mc in Year 2B for 'including others by saying that they could join in whenever they want'.

Paige de B in Year 4B -'she is sorry when she is rude. She is encouraging people when something is hard.

George U in Year 6R - 'George volunteered to read the class prayer this morning. He lead the prayer beautifully. He was the only volunteer and it's never easy to read in front of your peers!'

Updating family details

A friendly reminder that if there have been changes to your family and/or contact details, to please update this information with the school office.

It is important that our records are correct and up to date.

Interschool Basketball & Rockingham Flames workshop

Our Year 6 boys and girls had a brilliant time at the Mike Barnett Sports Complex on Thursday.

St Bernie's played very well against the other schools but the highlight was undoubtedly the coaching session that was provided by the Rockingham Flames players. Thankyou to Mr Murtagh, Mrs Warman and the Flames for arranging this!

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Compliance and Policy section

Today I have attached Statement 5 of the Code of Conduct.

Again, please take the time to read this document in your own time.

Things to look out for in Week 7

  • Year 4 visit to Kolbe - Tuesday 1st June
  • Dance Troupe - 3 - 3.45 pm - Wednesday 2/6/21
  • Cross Country Training 3 - 3.40pm - Thursday 3/6/21
  • Pupil Free Day - Friday 4/6/21

Holy Communion & Christening Gowns - SOUL Incorporated

We are a local charity organisation that helps the vulnerable and struggling in Rockingham. We run a charity shop and currently have a number of Holy Communion and Christening Gowns in a number of sizes and styles.

They are extremely discounted and are all new and unworn.

1/5 Cessnock Way, Rockingham.

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9am-4pm.

School Term Dates 2021

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Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

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