The Bear Necessities

December 6th, 2019

Severe Peanut Allergy

What do YOU need to do:

Wash your hands after you eat, be very conscientious about what you bring, where you eat it and did you wash you hands afterward. We will be monitoring for food coming out of cars and off of buses with children. We have signs up. This is serious and we know that you care about this new little learner and want to keep him safe, thanks for being vigilant!!

Hand washing Lesson with Alicia

Please schedule a time for Alicia to come to your classroom to teach a hand washing lesson. This is perfect timing, we want to prevent the spread of illness and allergens.
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Culture of Calling

Our program continues to be well respected in our community. I want to encourage this positive working relationship by reminding you of the POWER OF A PHONE CALL. I know many of you prefer email, but there is power in voice to voice conversation. You believe technology impacts students, and I want to extend your thinking to include families. Model how to have phone conversations to celebrate and solve problems.

1. Contact the parent before the student does in case of discipline or behavior or upset

2. If an email/text exchange is more than one paragraph or more than one reply to come to agreement, a call is necessary to avoid back-and-forth.

3. Make deposits before withdrawals. Send home positive notes or call to share share a celebration or just to check in. They'll know you love their kid when you do have to make a hard call. Your goal should be 4:1 positive to negative.

4. Email and text can be used once a relationship is established, but don't forget to call on the really hard or really great stuff. Also, remember there is a cell phone in our front office for ALL to use!! Trula will communicate with you if she hears back from the family!

December can be a little tricky to navigate....sensitivity to family differences is important

The main goal is that when our students of all cultures and faiths walk into our buildings and classrooms, they see themselves there and do not see themselves as "other" based on a focus on one particular (or a small few) holiday in their school or classroom.

What unintended messages may our physical spaces and lessons send to our students?

Some themes that are great in December and translate across cultures, religions, and value sets:


Perhaps one of those themes can become the focus for performances, decor and lessons in December!

These two articles are a nice short general summary of some key things to consider such as surface level references to holidays and certain holidays:

A couple of lesson plan ideas (or allow the themes above to guide lessons):

For primary grades: PreK -2

For intermediate through high school (adapt by age as needed)

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Giving Tree is up in the Lobby

Thanks to Cindy and Terry for helping get the Giving Tree up and fluffed. Kim made a bow, Jeanie helped with signs and we are working on a tree skirt. There is opportunity to fund a new book for GBEEC babies and an opportunity to donate hats, gloves, underwear and socks to boys and girls in need.

Student Files: PAT, TITLE, ECSE

A big reminder is being sent to you today. FILES SHOULD NOT BE LEFT OUT. If you are working on a file and have it out of the fireproof file cabinet, please tuck it away while you are away (even for the night). Be thoughtful about the confidential file you have pulled out and treat it with the respect it deserves (the respect the family deserves)!


Please remember that parking in the front row is designated for families visiting GBEEC. MANY of us travel and I know it is a hassle, but do not park in between the two islands in front of the building!! We can all use the extra steps anyway!

Love being a learner?

Deirdra shared a free resource for learning ASL (American Sign Language). She says it is free and fun, with videos and lessons. Many of you have shared a desire to learn more about this, here is a resource for you.

UCM Host Teacher

Will you consider hosting UCM Junior year Early Education Majors in your classroom on Wednesday this spring? If yes, thank you so much and just let me know!

Are you sick?

Then please call the office and let them know you are leaving, or call from your car....we really need to keep everyone healthy. THANKS

Our Week

Monday - both here

Tuesday - Jeanie to home visit 11:30, Kerry to present at LSNHS 12:00

Wednesday - 10:00 Kerry to home visit, both here rest of the day

Thursday - 10-1:00 Kerry at SLC, Jeanie home visit 10:00

Friday - Kerry PDO, Jeanie out on home visits throughout the day