Top 5 outside the clans cats



This is Secret Warrior here! I want to say that I really enjoy making these! please like and comment down at the bottom.

1. Barley and Ravenpaw

I put these two together because they are always together. They are my fav because they are just cute and a fierce force together.

2. Smudge

He was a good friend to rusty and then the kittypet after Rusty. He is overall friendly.
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3. Princess

She is a good sister and mother. I think it was really generous of her to give Fireheart Cloudkit for the clan.
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4. Cody

She is the kittypet that lives at Firestar's old home. I like b/c she seems really fun and curious.
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5. Sasha

She is one of favs because she had to make hard choices in her life and had to act strong through the pain.