Beluga Whales

Eli Abraham Hawks 6A


Belugas are one the smallest species. They have a flexible neck that can reach 90 degrees sideways. They are the size of a large dolphin. Belugas grow up to 13-20 feet. They start with gray skin and hair then, they lose the hair then turn white when they are 5 years old.


Beluga Whales are of the Anamalia kingdom , the Chordata Phylum, the Mammalia Class, the Cetacea Order, the Monodontidae Family, the Delphinapterus Genus, and the Leucas Species.


Belugas mostly live in cold waters. Such as The Gulf of Alaska. Some live in the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica.


Belugas eat animals that live on the bottom of the sea. They eat animals like small fish, snails, sandworms, squids, and crabs.

Threats and Solutions

People kill Belugas and other whales for their blubber. They use the blubber to make chewing gum and heating oil and I think that is disgusting how they use it to make chewing gum. People been stopping to kill Belugas and other whales but some are still doing it. Some Beluga Whales also get captured by fishing nets and sometimes get stuck in ice. I think there needs to be a law about killing Belugas. I can help Beluga whale by telling people how endangered they are.

The Bible says in Proverbs 12:10

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

We should protect the animals that God has given us.

Beluga Whale Sounds

Beluga whales are called sea canaries because the sound they make is like a canary's chirp. Listen below to hear some sounds that beluga whales make.


Beluga Whale by threethingsfour


Beluga Calls by threethingsfour